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A-Z Glossary of Foosball Terms

By FoosballTables Service May 18, 2023 0 comments


  • Bank Defense: A defensive strategy where the player uses the walls of the table to block and redirect shots from the opponent.
  • Bank Shot: A shot where the ball is intentionally bounced off the walls of the foosball table to change its direction or create an unexpected angle.
  • Bump: A technique where a player bumps their rod against the opponent's rod to disrupt their control of the ball.
  • Brush Pass: A pass made by brushing the ball with the side or corner of a foosman's foot.


  • Dead Ball: A situation where the ball comes to a complete stop, resulting in a dead ball situation and a replay.
  • Dink Shot: A soft shot with minimal power and spin, aimed to lightly place the ball in an open area of the opponent's goal.


  • Five-Bar: The middle rod on each side of the foosball table, usually used for midfield passing and shooting.
  • Foos: A slang term for the game of foosball itself.
  • Foosmen: The small, plastic figures mounted on the rods used to strike the ball.


  • Goalie: The foosman positioned in front of the goal to defend against shots from the opponent.


  • Jarring: A foul that occurs when a player's rod forcefully strikes the opponent's rod, impeding their movement.


  • Pass: A controlled transfer of the ball between foosmen on the same rod or between rods.
  • Pin Shot: A shot made by trapping the ball between the foosman's foot and the playing surface, then releasing it with a swift flick.
  • Pull Shot: A shot performed by pulling the ball towards the player's own goal and then quickly shooting it towards the opponent's goal, often with a spin.


  • Shot: An attempt to score a goal by striking the ball with a foosman towards the opponent's goal.
  • Snake Shot: A complex shot where the foosman wraps around the ball in a snake-like motion before striking it.
  • Spin: The rotation of the ball, which can be used strategically to add curve or alter the trajectory of shots.
  • Striker: The primary foosman used to shoot the ball towards the opponent's goal.


  • Three-Bar: The rod closest to the goalie on each side, used for defending against shots and making quick passes.
  • Tic-Tac Shot: A quick series of alternating taps between two foosmen to generate power and deceive the opponent.

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