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Which Table Should I Buy?

We carry many different types of foosball tables, table football, or table soccer as some may refer to it as. Which table is right for you will depend on your needs, your budget, and preferences. We have outdoor foosball tables, tournament foosball tables, waterproof foosball tables, portable foosball tables, furniture foosball tables, coin-op foosball tables, oversized foosball tables, combination foosball tables, and more.

This page will help point you in the right direction for which foosball table is perfect for you.

Outdoor or Indoor

We actually carry a good amount of weatherproof outdoor foosball tables for home and or commercial use. These tables come manufactured with waterproofing in mind from the glue to the screws and everything in between. These can be used outdoors in any weather and some even have foldable legs to move quickly in and out when needed.

If you're not looking to ever move your foosball table outside, you might look at saving that many to upgrade your table to a higher quality indoor foosball table.

Foldable, Portable, or Lightweight

We carry many tables that have foldable legs or are a smaller size than some. If you have a space that can't be strictly dedicated to foosball then opting for a portable table is a great option for you. These tables don't sacrifice in quality or performance but simply have characteristics that make them more easily moved including folding legs and more. 

Look for a table in our portable foosball section if you need this feature.


We have a few foosball tables equipped with coin-op machines so you can take payments for each game and either maximize profits in your space or add a realistic arcade element to each table. If you're looking to regulate the usage and add a level of seriousness to your play than a coin-op available foosball table may be perfect for you.

Telescoping Rods for Safety

Not all rods are created equally when it comes to foosball tables. Telescoping rods are upgraded safety rods that do not expand beyond the table cabinet so there is no risk of someone getting hit by the rod in play. Telescoping rods are especially important if you may have small humans playing around the table as the rods could potentially hit them.

For foosball tables for kids, we highly recommend getting a table with telescopic rods. Look in the table description for the telescopic rod option in the listing. Also you can look at the photos to see if the opposite rods extend beyond the cabinet reach.

Color and Style

Color and design style is probably the most obvious decision to make when choosing a foosball table. Some tables are furniture style and designed to blend in with other elegant pieces. Other tables are brightly colored and meant to stand out. You need to think about how you want the table to look in your space before purchasing a foosball table. Many of the furniture style tables are available in multiple stain options to custom fit your space.

Tournament Approved or Recreation

We carry a few tables that are ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) approved and are sanctioned for tournament play. These tables are a specific size, non-telescopic, and are manufactured with the highest quality elements to meet specific standards of play. 

If that is not important to you, then opt for a great recreation quality table and save some money.


Whichever foosball table you choose, make sure and look through the listings to compare the tables and find the one that fits your needs. Every table provides a unique feature set for the user and will be an awesome addition to elevate the fun in your home. Enjoy shopping our collection and let us know if we can help your foosball table search.